The Co-Parenting Cheat Sheet


So you've made it through your divorce. Or you've split as a couple, but the result of a relationship, however brief or long it was, that once existed has resulted in new love: your children. Whether you're excited about it or not, you'll be in a new and different relationship with your child's other parent for the next fifty or so years. 

And, if your kids aren't already in college -- you'll need to be communicating effectively with the baby daddy on a regular basis. Are there ways that are better than others to discuss what your kids need without losing your mind? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dear Married Mom ...

Dear Married Mom,

I don't want your husband. 

I'm focused on my kids and my job. I'm healing from my relationship, so I'm focusing on myself.

The last thing I want is your husband, more kids (your kids!), and you as "the other woman."

You can relax! Being a single mom doesn't make me a desperate, man-hungry woman. I'm no danger to your marriage. I'm not necessarily looking for another man, but if I am, it certainly isn't one who already has a woman.

So, say hello, be my friend, and let's get our kids together for a playdate. I might just be the girlfriend you're looking for.


The Successful Single Mom

Single Mom Stress Busters


When Dr. Oz introduced Tyler Perry on his show to talk about his new movie, The Single Mom's Club, Dr. Oz described being a single mom as one of the most stressful situations one could find themselves in. Thank you, Dr. Oz, for the recognition that single moms have it pretty tough, and frankly, I couldn't agree more.

If Single Mom Stress Syndrome is an actual "thing," and I believe it could be, then how on earth do we thrive and maximize instead of trying to just survive? Is it possible to enjoy being a single mom? To be content and joyful, even in the midst of the chaos?

I say yes!

SERIES: Single Mom Blogger You Should Know: Lori Anderson, Author of Divorce with Grace

The Single Mom Bloggers and Authors You Should Know

In this multi-part series, I'm introducing you to other single mom bloggers and authors you need to be reading. You can find links to every lady in the series all the way at the bottom of the post ... 

Allow me to introduce Lori Anderson, author of Divorce with Grace. 
Divorce with Grace author 
Lori Anderson 

What I Like About Her: Lori and I met at cool networking group for divorce professionals here in Austin, the Divorce Resource Group. I don't often run into other authors, especially ones in the same genre, and double-especially ones that are as cool and nice as Lori. This woman has the sweetest way about her, and I could tell right away she really walks her talk and has a heart for others who have been through a divorce and want to realize their best life. And I really love the word grace, especially in the same sentence with divorce.

Divorce with Grace ~ A Book of Hope & Healing is the perfect read for someone going through a divorce, or even someone whose divorce is in the distant past who wants to truly, once and for all, see the blessings and move forward.