Moving From Bitter to Better

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I got a tweet a while ago:

@SingleMomBooks I have some bitterness in my mind … which I do not want to show in front of my babes n my mom..tell me how! Pls.

I can relate, and I don’t even need to clarify what or who the bitterness is about!

My first thought is to take variables out of the picture and take 100% responsibility for everything. You are where you are, for better or worse, because of decisions you made. When you take this responsibility, you also come into the realization that you get to keep choosing what happens next in your life! You’re in control of your destiny and your future is up to you!

If you’re bitter toward your ex, you chose him. It’s time to sit down and do an exercise called, “why am I grateful for my ex?” Before you stop reading, keep in mind that you’re probably the most grateful for the children you had with him, more grateful about them than anything else in the whole world! If you look hard enough, you can find things you’re grateful for and about, and that will lessen your bitterness.

Single Moms Can Get an Education, Too!

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The GREAT Successful Single Mom Book GIVEAWAY!

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Hey single moms!

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Is Divorce Worth It? It Can Be.

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I've been unhappily married, miserably single, blissfully single, and am now very happily married.

In my experience, the rank order of marital status is as follows:

1. Very happily married
2. Single
3. Single
4. Single
5. Single
6. Single
7. Unhappily married

In my first marriage, I had the opposite of what I expected marriage to be. Instead of the loving, mutually-supportive, equal partnership I bought into, me and my dreams took a backseat to my husband's. His job in the Navy dictated where we lived, whether he was away at sea for weeks or months at a time and our overall quality of life. My dreams and ambitions were dismissed. I was lonely, frustrated and felt doomed. What were my options? Divorce? Become a single mom?! No thanks!

Single Mom, You are What You Think

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Single mom, I want you to meet yourself, an amazing rock star -- a really important person. 

I want you to start thinking about who you truly are, and the impact you have on the world and your family.

Single mom, you're a big thinker so think BIG. Think BIG about EVERYTHING!

You've got plenty of ability to do a first-class job, so DO a first-class job!

Single mom, you must believe in happiness, progress and prosperity.

*talk only happiness.
*talk only progress.
*talk only prosperity.