What Makes a Single Mom Successful?

A Successful Single Mom is a woman who loves her children and herself. She knows the life lessons she teaches her children will affect not only her kids but also her grandkids. She makes her children the focus of her life, and yes, this means going to dance recitals, parent-teacher conferences, doctor's appointments, school functions, and girl-scout meetings. She's also a woman who practices extreme self-care, has her financial house in order, lives a life she loves, and is surrounded by people she loves and loves her.
Put another way: model for your children anything and everything you want them to grow up and do for themselves.If you want them to grow up and experience an abundance of time, love, space and money, figure out a way to bring an more of those into your life. Do more of what you want and less of what you don't want -- for yourself and your kids. Speak well of your ex, their dad. Start loving him for being the father of your children. Use his given name, instead of referring to him as the "ex" or worse. Remember, your kids are half him so when you speak well of him, your kids feel great! If you don't have something nice to say, just stop talking. If you can, do your best to raise your children as co-parents. If you don't know how to do it, seek help and inspiration from a professional and others who are doing it successfully.

A successful single mom does the best she can and when she realizes she can do better, she does better. Cheers to being a successful single mom, today and every day!


Jenn Nelson said...

Well said. And I believe most importantly that self love allows us to do all of the positive things you listed!

Honoree Corder said...

Thanks Jenn! Blessings to you!