Single Moms: When Dad Isn't Around

Happy Father's Day, Single Moms!

As a single mother, you may have to deal with a father who isn't very involved in your child's life. In fact, you may be mom and dad. 

How you communicate with yourself about what's happening is critical, and how you communicate the situation to your child is equally as important. Here are some ways you can handle it like the star you are:

  • Realize that no matter what you do, you can't force your child's father to be involved.
  • Although having a father figure is important, it's not everything. As a good mother, you don't need a father to raise your child in a quality fashion. You're good enough all by yourself!
  • Forcing a reluctant father to talk on the phone will only confuse your child.
  • If you try to force a relationship with a father who doesn't want one, your child is bound to feel disappointed and rejected.
  • Don't talk negatively about your child's father, but don't glorify him, either. Be matter-of-fact and age-appropriate. Consult a therapist if you need guidance and support.
  • Listen to your child. Understand they are probably dealing with emotions they can't comprehend or understand, and just being there can get them through this, and any, tough time.
  • Leave the door open for responsible contact between the father and your child.

Remember this, mama, having just one amazing, support and encouraging parent is enough!

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