This Former Single Mom Found Love Again and So Can You!

Last week, my new-and-improved second-and-final husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Our relationship hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but I can honestly say that the second time around is amazing, and it's better today than it's ever been. It's great having my best friend next to me during sickness and health, good times and not-so-good times, and whenever I need a hug or a high-five.

Many of you have written to say you are encouraged by my story, and you find hope knowing that if I did it, so can you. 

Some of you have written because you're down in the dumps about finding your Mr. Right. You've been single a long time {I get it, I was single for almost 7 years}, and have dated every jerk from Adam to Zac {been there, done that, too}. You're sick of being single, sad and sometimes lonely. I feel ya, sister, I truly do!

But if you've read my blog for any period of time, you know I'm not about waiting and hoping, I'm all about planning and right action. So if you're serious about getting serious, I don't advise romanticizing relationships ... I think there are a few things you can do to bring love into your life starting today. Are you ready?

  • Fall in love with you. You're pretty amazing and no-one else will see all your fabulousness until you do. This goes hand-in-hand with "be happy on your own." It's perfectly fine to be completely single and super happy, by the way.
  • Enjoy this time you have to yourself. I won't lie, relationships are work. You have to take your significant other into consideration whenever you make a decision -- big {move? change careers?} and small {where to go for dinner?}. Flip "lonely" to "independently fierce" and do something you really love to do that your future Mr. Wonderful probably won't love ... like window-shopping or watching chick-flicks non-stop on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Make peace with your ex. You can't bring new love into a heart full of love or hate for someone else. You chose him. Get over him and get on with movin' on.
  • Decide what you wantDecide what you don't want. Define your deal-breakers. Write them all down and review them regularly. These 3 simple lists provide a reference for you, and will help you know you've found what you're looking for ... or that you need to throw this one back and keep searching.
  • Write out your purpose for dating and tell everyone. I write all about my dating and finding love philosophy in here. You can and should know why you're dating and unapologetically and with conviction own it!
  • Let go, allow the Universe to work on your behalf and have a helluva good time! Desperation can be seen, felt and heard from a mile away, so once you know what you want, release your desires and let what happens happen. In the meantime, let your hair down and have some fun! My good friend, Emma Johnson, who blogs over at has a really terrific take on dating. You will be your most attractive, to yourself and others, if you're genuinely happy. So go get some genuine happiness in your life, and don't be surprised when some new love knocks you over.

Cheers to your single mom success!

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Cicely C. said...

This post really spoke to me! I'm a young-ish single mom lol (25) and have been trying to get back into the dating game. One thing that age brings is maturity and I always date with the thought in mind: is this the type of man I want to bring into my son's life as well? We have already had enough drama with his father and I'm ready for the next steps in life...serious relationship, marriage and dare I say it: another bambino :). This post was really timely for what's going on in my life currently! Thank you!

Honoree Corder said...

Thanks for reading, Cicely! You are so blissfully young, and have your whole life ahead of you. Best wishes for lots of new love in your life!


Jenny Fufu said...

Ah, thank you for the mention! I was just in the middle of sitting down and getting back to my writing and stopped on over for a read and for a link to your books to share! I'm so glad you found love again! We all deserve that second chance and to show our kids that life doesn't end just because our marriage/relationships to their dads did! You are truly a blessing Honoree <3

Honoree Corder said...

Hi Jenny!

I was secretly hoping you'd miss my tweet and find it by surprise. :)

Thank you!