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Hey there, Single Mamas! 

Have I got a treat for you! Many of you are new to The Successful Single Mom {this also applies for my long-time followers *wink} and I'd love to share my most popular blogs with you. 

I'll share the first paragraph of my top five blog posts and links for you to view the whole blog. Each of these posts share information, tips, and ideas that are uplifting and helpful for single moms. I hope you find these beneficial, and I hope each of you know how amazing and wonderful you are! 

I broke down in tears within two weeks of my split, but not because I was getting divorced. No, it was sex ... or more specifically the prospect of having sex -- with a new person {people!} that sent me over the edge. I was having drinks with two friends, both of whom had been divorced for several years, and we stumbled upon the subject of dating.  I remember my friend saying, "Don't worry, you'll even start having sex again before you know it."

I stayed in a loveless, thankless, unhappy and unfulfilling marriage too long. About two years too long, and about a year after it became completely and embarrassingly evident that divorce is what would be best for both of us, and for our daughter. I wanted to get a divorce a full year before my ex asked for it. The only reason I really got a divorce is because he asked for it. I tried to stay in it: “I won’t divorce you until our daughter turns 18.” Then, I tried to save it, “I don’t care what’s happened, look – I took off my pants!”

Facing a divorce, and the life that comes after it, isn't easy. If you are struggling to figure out how to get through your divorce emotionally, physically, practically, or mentally, or you have been divorced for some time yet still find yourself bitter, sad, angry or resentful, If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules provides the road map to turn your divorce into your personal breakthrough and design the new life of your choosing.

**Within this blog post you'll also find: Two free chapters, what people are saying about the book, and links to purchase a paperback or ebook copy. 

It’s all about attitude!  By attitude, I mean a positive attitude.  Don’t be embarrassed about being single.  Embrace it.  Be confident.  You rock single mama.  Know it.

Don’t forget, you are still the same wonderful you, except now when you date, you come as a package deal.  Trust me, it’s not as tricky as it sounds.  You just have to use your brain!

I spoke to an awesome single mom yesterday. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, she got her Masters in Therapy and is raising an awesome son. But lately, after a series of events, she's not feeling all that awesome. I thought some words of encouragement might be helpful, for her and for you (or a single mom you know):

  •   Single moms are doing okay! Despite the stereotype, single moms manage to make things work, according to the statistics. Just over 79% of single mothers are gainfully employed, with most of those mothers working full time year round. Only 27% of single mothers and their children live in poverty; a significant number to be sure, but certainly not all. Single mothers also do not typically receive public assistance, with only 22% receiving Medicaid and 23.5% on food stamps.

Have a fabulous week, single moms! You deserve the best! 

The Successful Single Mom is the only book series for single moms written in a positive, can-do voice, from the coaching perspective, by an executive coach who was also a single mom. These books provide that road map for creating the life you want, starting right now, today!

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