Success Secrets of 22 Unstoppable Mumpreneurs


 I totally get how difficult being a single mom can be. There's a steep learning curve in managing every single aspect of your business, all while being there for your kids and juggling the other areas of your life!

I remember when I started my business (and writing my first book!), it was a struggle to find time to get EVERYTHING done.

That's why I was so thrilled when Cheryl Douglas told me about an interview series all around this topic. It was inspired by her observation of the vast numbers of moms who are held back in business and life by challenges that can be overcome, if only they knew how.

It's an online event for single moms who are ready to stop feeling stuck and commit to achieving the success they desire in business and life---all from a place of confidence, clarity, courage, and self-love.

Cheryl has gathered together 22 highly successful, unstoppable "mumpreneurs" - myself included - to show how you can overcome any obstacle and achieve the success you desire in your business and life on your terms!

Here are the major take-aways from this interview series:
  • The most common obstacles that hold most mumpreneurs back and the habits that can enable you to overcome any of them 
  • Proven tips, strategies and insider secrets to help you short-circuit the struggles and challenges you face and get you started on your path to success
  • What it really takes to successfully juggle business, kids and other life demands 
  • What it really takes to and become a truly unstoppable mumpreneur
  • Whether work-life balance or work-life blend is really achievable and what works best for you
  • The impact that being a mumpreneur has on your kids- our kids are watching…
  • The top ‘Insider Secrets’ to achieving and sustaining a truly successful business

I hope you enjoy the interviews, and most of all, I hope that they help you to be the successful single mom you already are! *smile
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The Successful Single Mom is the only book series for single moms written in a positive, can-do voice, from the coaching perspective, by an executive coach who was also a single mom. These books provide that road map for creating the life you want, starting right now, today!

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