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The Single Mom Transformation Program (SMTP) was developed for single moms, and was based upon my STMA (Short-Term Massive Active) executive coaching program, so I could write The Successful Single Mom book. I worked with seven single moms over the course of 100-days (that turned into almost a year) to perfect the Program and write the book.

You can purchase the manual at and at You'll use it during live classes held by our Single Mom Transformation Program Facilitators, and you can even use it on your own.

We also have the Divorce Transformation Coaching Program (DTCP) for those individuals who desire 1-on-1 focus, attention and accountability.

There are currently three possibilities for participation in the Program:

Every divorced person faces challenges, and these Programs address facing and overcoming these challenges.  If you're ready to jump-start your new life, heal your wounds, and take every facet of your life to a whole new level, these Programs can help you do just that!

These Programs are for any single mom (or dad) who: 

(a) wants to jump-start feeling great again, gain momentum and create success, balance and fulfillment in every area of their life faster and easier than doing it by themselves, and 

(b) wants to have the support and synergy having a coach dedicated to your success will provide. I know this Program works because it is based on the one I developed after my divorce, and use as an executive coach with top-tier professionals every day.

These Programs will help you to:

1. Identify where you are now, where you want to go, and the results you want to create.

2. Get organized.

3. Feel self-confident and authentic and express that to the world.

4. Create and keep unstoppable momentum, more life balance, more business and more money than ever before (and you ever thought possible!).

5. Get control of your finances, physical body and love life.

6. Maintain integrity, balance and personal fulfillment.

7. Have the on-going support and accountability that ensures you reach your goals and objectives!

Don't mistake the cartoon cover with a Program that's easy. This is real work, serious work, that will incite real change within you. This work is not for the faint of heart, or for someone who lives unconsciously. You will, maybe for the first time, see things more clearly. You will feel differently, about yourself, your kids, your ex, and your life. You will begin to heal and at the same time, start the most remarkable transformation of your life so far. You will go from hopeful to certain about your future, and you will know you can create the life you desire for yourself and your kids.

Are you ready? Find a class near you here, or purchase the SMTP Audio Program here.

**Limited to the first 8 qualified single moms who respond. Leave your full name, email, and contact number. We will be in touch shortly.


Jessica Gomez said...

Get control of your financial situation, actual body and relationship.

Couples Counseling Jacksonville FL

Honoree Corder said...

Thanks, Jessica!

prettybird said...

Hello, I would love to listen to The Single Mom Transformation Program Audio for free in exchange for my review. I am recently separated with two boys and I think that this would be a great help to me. Thanks in advance!

prettybird said...

I would love to listen to The Single Mom Transformation Program Audio in exchange for my review!

Honoree Corder said...


We'll let you know the minute it's ready! Thank you.


Madge Madigan said...

I would love to listen to your program. I have been divorced for 12 years now and raised my 3 children almost the entire time solely by myself. My oldest is in college at NYU now, I'd call that successful. :) I'd love to review for you!

Dianne Crow said...

I would really like to listen to The Single Mom Transformation Program for free in exchange for my honest, and well-written, review. I have been a single mom of one for over four years now but have just started taking control of my life.
Your program is exactly what I need right now!


I would like to listen to the Single Mom Transformation Program for a free exchange for my review. I am a single mom of two children under the age of 7. I am seeking guidance on the next step.

Honoree Corder said...

Hi Tawanna,

The program is well under way in it's development and we'll be back in touch soon.

Honoree Corder

nicole matos said...

I would like to listen to the Single Mom Transformation Program for free in exchange for my review. I am a single mom of a 7 year old daughter.

Thank you!

Beck List said...
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Beck List said...

I would love to review the audio program! I'm a single mom to a 5 month old and it is quite an adventure. You can contact me through or

Thank you!

Nichol Neto said...
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Shelly D said...

Hi! I would love the opportunity to listen and review the program. After four years of separation, my divorce finalized two weeks ago. Now, I find myself craving a better understanding of who I am and who I want to be on all levels - professional, personal, and spiritual.

I have a 5 year old daughter who means the world to me and I want to be the best mother I can for her - someone she can look up to and admire for being a strong and well balanced woman.

I can be reached at

Unknown said...

Really nice topic my blog reader are looking for financial tips solution I will tell them about it.


Athena Moberg said...

Aloha Honorée! I'd love to be a facilitator here in Hawaii. I've been ramping up my business for a few months and am ready to reach out more :-)

Honoree Corder said...

We'd love to have you, Athena!!

Samantha said...

Would love to listen and report when you go live!! I have downloaded few of your books and I really enjoy your dress.