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Looking for your own transformation? You can take an Single Mom or Single Dad Transformation Program class held by one of our awesome facilitators! Contact the one nearest you to find out the date their next class starts.

Here is a list of our SMTP/SDTP Facilitators and Facilitator-Candidates:

Whitney Bishop, Change Agent 
Louisville, KY 

Kim Ciesinski, Single Mom, Family Law Attorney
Garden City, Long Island, New York

Laurie Hamel, Insurance Agent at IPA
Gilbert, Arizona

Regina Harris, Single Mom, Consultant & Trainer
Dallas, Texas

Nanette Labastida, Single Mom, Realtor, Cancer-Survivor {Certified May 2012}
Austin, Texas
Check out her awesome guest blog here!

Gabriella Lassiter, Single Mom, Former Assistant Principal turned Work-at-home Super Mom/Entrepreneur
Miami, Florida

Jill Ozias, Single Mom, Financial Advisor
Change with Confidence
Austin, Texas

Christine Plaisted - one of the original Successful Single Moms, entrepreneur
Las Vegas, Nevada

Maricel Romero Betz, single mom, entrepreneur, Financial Advisor and Insurance Specialist, Divorce Financial Specialist
Downers Grove, Illinois
(803) 457-5274 

Maria Schwartz, Single Mom, Family Law Attorney
Garden City, Long Island, New York
SMTP SATURDAY: September 12th, New York

Chris St. Clair
Former Single Mom, Divorce Coach, Software Sales Executive St. Clair Coaching
Austin, Texas

Kristen Usher, Single Mom, Blogger, Business Owner
Highlandville, Missouri

Cyndi Varley, Single Mom, Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Gilbert, Arizona


Kristy Crawford said...

No class or advisor near D.C.??!

Honoree Corder said...

Not yet, Kristy! Are you interested? :)

Katrina said...

A lot of interest in NE Ohio where I am. I am in the process of starting a Single mom support group. This class is a great addition to the plan I have!
I am a Federal Government Managment Analyst and an Event Manager for a local catering company. Mother of two teenagers who has weathered the storm of singlemommyhood and still climbing!

Please let me know how I can utilize your format here in my area.
Katrina Jackson

Honoree Corder said...

Katrina, email me at honoree(at) and I will send you details!

Nabila77dz said...

Hello there, how about a group in Canada ? Ottawa to be precise.

Honoree Corder said...

There isn't a class in Ottawa as of you, but there are virtual classes you can attend. Please contact Chris St. Clair to find out more.

Kaitlyn Mast said...

Are there any classes i can take online? I'm located in the tampa bay area. I am a 23 year old single mother who is trying to find her way and I feel so lost I need all the guidance I can get.

Vanessa Rosario said...

No class or advisors in or near NY?

Sorrenta Stuart said...

Hi Honoree,

I am an LMFT in the SF Bay Area interested in becoming a facilitator.

Just emailed Chrisitna and followed the steps on this site to request an application. I'd love to talk with you more!

I am a single mom of twins daughters -3.5 years old!

Go you!


Súper Mamá said...

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for a group in the Tampa bay area. Please help. I am willing to start a bilingual group when needed too. I want to learn, I want to share, I want to build. Thanks!
Have an awesome day.

Dorene Cisneros said...

I'm in the DC area. Would love to join a class if there's one being planned around here. Thanks!